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The Castelvecchio in Verona

In Verona, near Lake Garda, there is the fortress Castelvecchio. You can reach it from Verona train station via Corso Porta Nuova and Via Roma.

The castle complex with the impressive bridge, the Ponte, was built in the years 1354 to 1357 on behalf of the then lords of Verona, the Scaligeri. It served both as a residence and as a fortress and still has the original Scaligeric swallowtail battlements. In later years, at the time of Napoleon and the Austrian rule, it was mainly used as a barracks.

In 1928 the castle was extensively restored and transformed into one of the most important art museums in Veneto. It was redesigned by Carlo Scarpa in the years 1957 to 1964, so that today it offers a good overview of Veronese painting from the 12th to the 16th century, and represents an impressive destination for art-savvy holidaymakers at Lake Garda.

There are frescoes by Veronese painters and paintings by Stefano da Verona, Pisanello, Giambono, Carlo Crivelli, Mantegna, Carpaccio, by Giovanni and Gentile Bellini. In a separate section, there are exhibits of the Veronese Renaissance artists Morone, Liberals da Verona, Girolamo da Libri and Veronese and works of Venetian artists. A contemporary exhibition is in the Sala Boggian.

Updated: 22/04/2024

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