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Hermitage San Valentino

Built into an overhanging rock face, the whitewashed Hermitage San Valentino towers over the small port town of Gargnano, west of Lake Garda. At 772 meters, it's an impressive eye-catcher surrounded by cypresses and palm trees.

According to legend, the hermitage above Lake Garda was built around 1630 by the inhabitants of Gargnano at the time of the plague. Over the centuries, the Hermitage has provided sanctuary for three hermits: the first in the 17th century, the second in the 18th century, and finally in the 19th century, the third known hermit, Geremia Paladini. He came to San Valentino from near Verona in 1849 and died 16 years later.

From Gargnano, you get to the chapel above the mountain village of Sasso via a hiking trail. Gargnano is connected to Sasso by both a hiking trail and a driving road. The so-called donkey trail leads through vineyards, the cool forest and takes just 40 minutes to get to the Hermitage. A steeper, rockier alternative offers experienced and vertigo-free climbers a unique ascent with a panoramic guarantee.

Updated: 22/04/2024

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