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Crafts and traditions

As varied and unique as the landscape and the people of Lake Garda are, so are the history, traditions and customs. Enchanting festivals, ancient traditions, almost forgotten craftsmanship and much more can be experienced and marvelled at Italy's largest lake.

With its various archaeological sites and well-preserved historic buildings, it's evident that the Lake Garda area has always been a popular destination residentially as well as a holiday resort.

They have preserved many customs, traditions and various crafts from the past. Some of them forgotten over time, others adopted in a modified form and many get rediscovered. An example of this revival is the paper mills in the Valle delle Cartiere near Toscolano-Maderno. It was once one of the most critical sites for paper production in Italy. Today, one of the facilities is still in operation and, a museum that tells of its history and the art of paper production is in one of the decommissioned factories.

Many of the traditional folk festivals around Lake Garda remain firmly anchored in the culture of the inhabitants and already have a long history. Even traditional dishes are still produced according to old recipes and enjoyed during the festivities or in the rustic country inns.

Anyone who has ever had a closer look at Lake Garda, its history and the culture of its residents, knows that the special magic that flows through this area is due in large part to the bond with the ancient traditions and crafts of the past.

Therefore, those who not only want to see Lake Garda but also want to experience it, should share in the ancient customs and familiarise themselves with its traditional craftsmanship.

Updated: 11/03/2024

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