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Strada della Forra

Tremosine can boast one of Lake Garda's most exciting and scenic roads. Looking up from the shore, it seems almost impossible that a path leads from here to Pieve. A group of houses line up precisely on the steeply sloping edge of the plateau.

The village of Pieve in Tremosine is about 350 m above the water level. Once, the town connected to the harbour via a steep path, so people had to transport wood, coal, oil and grain on their shoulders. There was only one other link that led across the lake to Desenzano, Torbole and Bardolino. While only simple boats and barges were available to them in the past, the first steamboats arrived at Lake Garda at the beginning of the 19th century.

The road that leads to Pieve today was designed in 1913 by Arturo Cozzaglio on behalf of Giacomo Zanini, the then vicar of Vesio. This first path, which connected the port with the town centre from then on, was called Strada della Forra - Road of the Gorge. The road leads through crevices and cuts, formed by the river Brasa.

Today, the Strada della Forra is mainly known for some scenes in the James Bond film "Quantum of Solace" (2008) and also some car manufacturers' commercials were filmed here.

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