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The Three Lakes Tour

The narrow, winding streets, the dark tunnels and the open road in a breathtaking environment are what makes driving cars and motorbikes around Lake Garda fun.

On the three-lake tour to the Lago di Valvestino, Lago d'Idro and Lago di Ledro, driving becomes an adventure, and every stop is a pleasure to enjoy.

The almost 90 km long tour begins in Gargnano, on the southwest shore of Lake Garda. The first stretch to the Lago di Valvestino has it all: the narrowest roads, steep passages, nerve-wracking curves and spectacular deep views make this section of the route the most exciting for motorists and a 30-kilometre-long horror for the sensitive. You'll be rewarded, however, at the Valvestino reservoir. The lake is deep green, like the hills surrounding it. The different shades are fantastic and perfect for a photo opportunity. For a picnic, you should go to the spot beyond the two bridges.

The road continues to the Lago d'Idro from Molino di Bollone. There, you follow the road towards Capovalle. It goes over the 1020 m high Passo San Rocco and through the quiet alpine landscape. After 25 km of winding roads, it goes steeply down to Crone on Lake Idro. At the halfway point of the tour, you will have earned a refreshing dip in the lake and a nice lunch on the shore.

After the break, continue along the coastal road to Ponte Caffaro in the north of Lake Idro. Here you drive east to Storo, where the tall peasant houses catch the eye. The last floors of these houses served as open wooden dry floors for the storage of corn. The area around Storo in Trentino has always grown corn, and the local speciality is, therefore, polenta or corn semolina.

The journey continues from Storo through wild and ravine-rich landscapes. Here you'll find many scattered lime kilns because due to the difficult accessibility of the area, they had to make their building materials. The many sawmills on the way to Lake Ledro are also striking. Once there, you immediately fall in love with the magical landscape and the small lake right in the middle. The area is a popular destination for hiking and mountain biking. The nearly 4000-year-old pile-dwelling settlement and its museum in Molina di Ledro are also worth a visit.

The Three Lakes Tour is fantastic and highly recommended. If you like, you can divide the excursion into three days: one day for each lake, to discover hidden spots and to get to know the land and people away from Lake Garda tourism.

Updated: 22/04/2024

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