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Monzambano '900

The exhibition Monzambano '900 is a highlight for the sentimental, history buffs and photography lovers! It shows old photos from public archives and private collections, immersing viewers in past worlds.

Lovers of photography can get to know the Lake Garda town Monzambano and its history intimately. In the early 70s, the former photo club G.E.W.M. began to collect all sorts of snapshots, portraits and other photographic images from the first half of the 20th century, which documented the village and daily life. Not only did they search public archives, but they also asked residents for their contribution.

Gradually a considerable number of photos of Monzambano were collected. The most beautiful and meaningful images were selected, arranged by date of creation and compiled by the photo club as an archive of considerable historical value.

They exhibited the selected photos for public viewing, and when this had great success, they decided to write a descriptive text for the snapshots and publish them as a book. One hundred photographs were selected, but 17 years passed before the book got published.

Today there is the collection of "Monzambano '900", in which all those interested get a very realistic and immediate impression of the Monzambano of the early 20th century.

Updated: 24/04/2024

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