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Gardaland Resort – Italy’s number 1 amusement park

Gardaland is not just an amusement park – it is the epitome of the theme park par excellence! A colourful mix of themed world and attractions, all waiting to be discovered: from Gardaland Park, one of the first of its kind in Europe, the new LEGOLAND® Water Park and the SEA LIFE Aquarium to the three themed hotels.

The resort in Castelnuovo del Garda offers entertainment for young and old, attractions for every taste, shows and much more, to create unique experiences for the whole family. Accompanied by Disney characters and lots of fun, it invites you on a journey to enchanted worlds.

The Gardaland amusement park

The park is divided into themed areas based on historical events, different geographical areas, real and fictional worlds. Thanks to the variety of attractions, it combines dream and reality and appeals to all age groups. Peppa Pig, the Gardaland mascot Prezzemolo and a Fantasy Kingdom welcome the youngest visitors. Older children and other daredevils take the ride on the three thrilling roller coasters Oblivion, Blue Tornado and Raptor. Adventurers go down the rapids in the heart of the jungle, try to escape from Atlantis and join the legendary Arctic mammoth convoy.

In addition, Gardaland offers countless shows for the whole family, for example performances on the pirate ship, parties in the Wild West and theatre shows. There are also several restaurants and refreshment stands where you can rest and recharge for further adventures.

New LEGOLAND® Water Park

The latest novelty within the amusement park is the LEGOLAND® Water Park, which can be visited with a combination ticket. The LEGO-themed water park is especially designed for families, so adult visitors are only allowed to visit it when accompanying children under the age of 12.

Passing through a large wave of Lego bricks, you enter a fantastical world of slides, interactive water games and, of course, countless Lego pieces. You can use them, for instance, to create your own rubber dinghy and then float down the river.

In Miniland, famous Italian sights are recreated to scale with more than 4 million Lego bricks. During a walk or boat trip with LEGO® River Adventure, you can admire the Colosseum, the Tower of Pisa, the Basilica and Bell Tower of San Marco and many other famous Italian buildings.

Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium – Italy’s first underwater theme park

If you visit the Gardaland Resort, you should not miss a trip to the SEA LIFE Aquarium. You can reach this special theme park on foot or by a small train. There are around 40 pools that house the aquatic inhabitants of Lake Garda as well as the most beautiful fish of the oceans. When walking through the underwater tunnel, you can discover more than 5,000 organisms. Sea lions, sharks, puffer fish, colourful corals, seahorses and many other sea and marine animals will accompany you on your expedition.

Tickets & season pass

On the Gardaland resort website, you can buy online tickets for 1 or 2 days, choosing between Gardaland or a combination ticket with LEGOLAND® Water Park or SEA LIFE. Season tickets are also available.

Currently, a free reservation is required in advance for the visit. Access to the individual attractions is also possible after booking using the QODA virtual queue app, which is linked to the ticket before the start.

In summer, the Gardaland amusement park is open daily from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

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