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Boat trips with children on Lake Garda

For family holidays, Lake Garda and its surroundings offer plenty of entertainment. Above all, the amusement parks Caneva World, Gardaland and various zoos. Even the little ones like the beach life with ball games, swimming and somersaults from the dock into the water.

A special adventure for young and old, however, is a good old boat trip. On the undulating waves, the ferry sways cosily. The frothing water makes the little sailors feel like pirates, and everyone gets a new perspective on the villages of Lake Garda. It is impressive how the ports look from the lakeside.

Ferries or boats are the best way to visit other places at Lake Garda easily and without traffic. The vessels land in all major towns several times a day, and you can even make regular tours by boat.

A special tip: On arrival, you can cover part of the journey by ferry. This takes away the children's impatience and also relaxes the parent behind the wheel!

Updated: 19/04/2024

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