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Climbing with children

Around Arco and Monte Baldo are most of the climbing gardens at Lake Garda. Not all are suitable for children, especially if they're beginners. Obviously you have to pay attention when climbing with kids especially with their safety, but also having plenty of space for picnics and games helps the day go a little smoother.

An excellent example of a kid-friendly climbing garden is that in Nago-Torbole near Arco. Large trees provide plenty of shade, some routes are not too high, making it easier for children. When climbing, it is vital that the children are fitted with a suitable helmet, even if the terrain is not prone to falling rocks, because children tend to bump their heads while learning.

Also essential is a matching harness. Unfortunately, you often see children climbing with hip straps that are too big. They are usually handed down from the parents, and if a fall should occur, the child can easily slip out of the belt, the consequences could be fatal.

So: pay attention to proper, child-friendly gear, do not choose routes that are too heavy or too long and above all do not force a child up if they don't want to climb anymore! Often they are afraid of the height and also of failure. If in doubt, it's better to tone it down a notch, enjoy yourself and take it easy. With these tips, nothing can go wrong when climbing on a family vacation.

Updated: 19/04/2024

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