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Walks for the family at Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a popular holiday destination for families with young and older children and it's no wonder! The climate is always mild, the water is pleasantly warm, and the remarkably varied recreational opportunities leave nothing to be desired among people of all ages.

If you choose Italy's largest lake as a destination for a family vacation, you have all the options. There is something to see and do for every taste, every desire and every age - including excitement, variety and entertainment.

If you go with the whole gang, you want to enjoy the time together to the fullest. Travelling with children also means adapting habits, schedules and the holiday programme to them, their abilities and preferences. Dizzying vie ferrate, endless hikes and extreme mountain bike tours are indeed not a good choice. Thanks to many suitable family activities, Lake Garda is still the place to be for fun and action.

For example, around the lake, there is no shortage of easy hiking trails that are just as suitable for small and large hikers that enjoy walking as there are for well-ridden prams with good tyres. Also, there are also interesting themed hikes and tours that appeal to older children with informative signs and interactive games.

Not to forget the comfortable lifts, which take everyone to higher altitudes so that the youngest and oldest family members can enjoy the unique panorama and the fresh air. A walk through the magnificent vineyards and olive groves perhaps combined with a picnic in the countryside, is also a wonderful experience for all.


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