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12 easy mistakes to make while holidaying with a camper

A motorhome is handy: you are totally flexible, you can spontaneously go to Lake Garda and take bulky sports equipment such as surfboards. However, sometimes it can go wrong so, if you can avoid these 12 mistakes, your holiday in a mobile home at Lake Garda should be unforgettable for the right reasons. Even if you're a rookie at camping!

The 12 easy mistakes you can make when taking a caravan to Lake Garda - and how to avoid them!

1. Rashly buy a camper
If you have never vacationed in a motorhome, you should rent one first for the appropriate period. Beginners should choose smaller and more agile vehicles. Pay attention to the size and layout, to suit your family or group. After your holiday, you can then decide to buy one, and you'll have a good idea about the specifications you need.

2. Just start driving
Motorhomes have different braking behaviour, different visibility and unfamiliar curve radius. Therefore, you should thoroughly test the response of your vehicle before the long drive to Lake Garda. Important! The test should be repeated once again with the motorhome fully packed!

3. Take tons of clutter and pack haphazardly
Keep in mind that space is also limited in the largest of motorhomes. Think carefully about what you need at Lake Garda and what will save you at the campsite. Everything that comes along should be stowed well so that it's not a danger in a braking manoeuvre. Heavy objects come down near the axles, stabilising the vehicle. Tip: Plug the spaces between dishes with kitchen towels. You will need them, and you prevent annoying clinking while driving as well as stopping the plates and glasses from breaking.

4. Drive through the whole way to Lake Garda in one go
Driving long distances without a break would be not only unnecessarily exhausting but also dangerous. Plan a few stops in beautiful locations and make a more extended stopover if necessary (for example in South Tyrol or at Area 47). Do not drive more than 250 km at a time and, if possible, swap drivers before you get too tired. For very large motorhomes you should also pay attention to sufficient parking at the rest area.

5. Drive to Lake Garda during the absolute peak season
We can all appreciate the flexibility of driving to Lake Garda with a motorhome spontaneously. Nevertheless, you should avoid busy days, because even if you have plenty of space in the motorhome, it's uncomfortable to sit for hours in a traffic jam. If you still want to go in the main travel season, start early, pack enough water and perhaps some caffeine. Make sure you reserve a spot in your desired campsite at Lake Garda, so after a long journey you don't lose time searching for your campsite, and you can relax immediately.

6. When on holiday, throw all the rules overboard
Despite the feeling of freedom on holiday, you should be considerate of other guests and observe the rules and rest periods of the campsite. This attitude avoids unpleasant incidents and disputes.

7. Get upset about noisy entertainers and children playing
There are many different types of holiday and almost as many types of campsites at Lake Garda. Therefore, you should inquire in advance and choose the one that suits you. With children, you can choose a place with a children's programme and animation, while those seeking peace will enjoy smaller and more natural campsites.

8. Park the motorhome in the sunniest spot
In the middle of summer, Lake Garda can be quite hot, so you should choose a pitch with shade. A shady pitch is particularly vital at lunchtime, as it can become unbearably hot, even under the awning. It's much cooler under the canopy of a tree. In the evening, however, a few warm sunbeams at the dining table can be very pleasant, especially in autumn and spring.

9. Choose a spot next to a strange group with empty beer crates in front of their tent
Granted, this is only a mistake if you're not on a loud party trip yourself. If you like to party until 7:00 am, bellow catchy songs and sleep until lunch, this is the place for you. Everyone else should choose a spot at the other end of the campsite.

10. Bring packet soups and canned ravioli for the whole holiday from home
Lake Garda is famous for its delicious Mediterranean cuisine, so it would be a sin not to try one of the specialities of the region or to eat a good pizza. If you like cooking or grilling yourself, you can buy fresh fish and vegetables locally. Canned ravioli etc. are practical and sometimes really delicious, but ready meals can be purchased around Lake Garda if necessary. It also saves valuable space in the motorhome.

11. Lose precious holiday time with constant building and dismantling
If you spend the whole holiday at a campsite, you should first consider how you stay mobile at the resort without continually reducing the awning, retract the supports and stow loose items. A good way, to reach the supermarket and various attractions is by bicycle. You can bring a bike with you or rent it on site. Public transport and ferries also take you quickly and easily to your desired destination and your motorhome can stay at the campsite.

12. Drive off with extended supports / connected power cable
At the end of your holiday at Lake Garda, or when changing your location, you should have one last inspection of the motorhome before you head off. Have all the supports been retracted? Have the wedges for stabilisation been removed? Is the power cable safely stowed away? Are the bicycles appropriately secured? Then, it's safe to move. This precaution saves you from unnecessary annoyances and possibly dangerous situations!

Updated: 19/04/2024

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