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8 reasons not to go to Lake Garda

Are you considering to spend your next holiday at Lake Garda AGAIN? Then take a look at our "8 reasons not to go to Lake Garda". They will help you with your decision - or at least make you smile!


1. Lake Garda is addictive

Thousands of happy holidaymakers can tell you, once you've been to Lake Garda, you'll always want to come back. You just can't get enough of this unique landscape, the excellent food, the mild temperatures and the numerous recreational activities!

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2. Shopping - you'll need a new wardrobe

The many beautiful boutiques, the massive shopping centres, the trendy outlets and the authentic weekly markets will push your old wardrobe to its limits. So, after a shopping spree, on the way home, you'll need to stop at Ikea and look for a larger model.

Shopping Malcesine
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3. You can forget about your diet plans

A croissant with a cappuccino on the piazza, a creamy ice cream while wandering the streets, a tasty pizza or fresh fish with a view of the lake and a matching wine. These culinary highlights will stay with you forever. Quite literally!


4. You will miss your nagging teens

If you like to look at bad-tempered faces at breakfast and want to have endless discussions about the daily schedule in the morning, and then fight or sulk until the evening, you should not go to Lake Garda! The diverse and exciting recreational offer conjures a smile on the face of even the grumpiest teenager.

Surfen Torbole
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5. You'll never want to exercise without a lake view again

Jogging or biking with a beautiful view has something magical about it, and if you tend to wait for any excuse not to exercise, you shouldn't go to Lake Garda. After running or biking around the lake, nowhere else will be as good and why would you exercise without a beautiful lake view anyway?

Sport am Gardasee
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6. You have no opportunity to try out your new umbrella

Have you recently bought a technically sophisticated and extremely chic umbrella and cannot wait to test it under the harshest conditions? Then you have chosen the wrong holiday destination with Lake Garda because there is much more sunshine than there is rain.

Sonnenschein in Riva
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7. You will miss the family quarrels

You have never seen your family so harmoniously united. Even if your loved ones maintain a lively culture of controversy and they discuss little things for hours, whenever you’re on the topic of Lake Garda, everyone agrees: they just love it!

Familie Gardasee.bmp
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8. You will suffer serious decision-making difficulties

North or south, east bank or west bank, Bardolino, Salò or in the end Torbole? Lake Garda has too many beautiful spots, so choosing a holiday destination may give you sleepless nights. We recommend: Revisit Lake Garda next year (see point 1)!

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