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Miniature golf at Lake Garda

While for most of us minigolf plays little or no role in everyday life, it is an entertaining pastime on vacation, especially with family and friends. Who wins is irrelevant as the fun and the experience are the most important.

The first miniature golf course was built in 1953 on Lago Maggiore in Switzerland, and soon minigolf became a popular leisure activity worldwide. Today there are championships where minigolfers from all over the world compete.

It's best to play minigolf after dinner at Lake Garda, as the temperature cools, you can meet friends or family for a few hours of fun after sunset. Minigolf courses are also available in the fun parks around Lake Garda. They are usually bigger and more spectacular and for children, an absolute must.

You can find minigolf courses in every major town on the shores of Lake Garda and also in campsites and larger hotels. Minigolf is pure fun for all ages!

Updated: 19/04/2024

Belfiore Park Hotel  |  in Brenzone
Directly at the lake with private shore