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Cable car Prada-Costabella

After an almost 10-year break, the renowned cable car Prada-Costabella in San Zeno di Montagna was reopened in the middle of August 2022. The cable car is run by the lift company of Malcesine is subdivided in equal parts between the municipalities of San Zeno di Montagna and Brenzone.

In 2013, both lifts in Prada, at 1,000 m of altitude in San Zeno di Montagna, were closed. The absolutely necessary technical maintenance could not be realised and so, the lifts were not reopened. Now, however, all the necessary resources were available and the cable car has been reopened!

The chair lift is, without any doubt, perfect for guests who would like to spend their holidays at Lake Garda and to explore its surrounding area. The connection goes from Prada to Costabella, at 1,800 m of altitude.

Basket lift & chair lift

The original basket lift Prada-Ortigaretta (2 persons) with a length of 2 km from the parking area in Prada (1,014 m) to Rifugio Baito Turri (1,550 m), was replaced by a new basket lift. The chair lift Ortigaretta-Costabella (1 person) made way for a new chair lift for 2 persons and goes to Rifugio Fiori del Baldo (1,850 m) with a length of 955 m.

In addition to the famous cable car of Malcesine, these two lifts take Lake Garda fans and bikers to the top of Monte Baldo as well. The new cable car Prada-Costabella is an interesting alternative for hikers and mountain bikers in the southern area of Monte Baldo.

Great news for bike fans

It is common knowledge, that Monte Baldo is a paradise for hikers, who are spoilt with regional delicacies in the excellent mountain huts. Also, mountain bikers love the area.

If you cannot make the ascent to Monte Baldo by your own, you can fix your bike on both lifts via a corresponding device on the outside. This will be great fun for all type of bikers!

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