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Nightlife at Lake Garda

The exciting nightlife and the fun lifestyle of the Lake Garda region is a class above the rest. It ensures a holiday of amazing, memorable experiences. In addition to amusement parks and shopping, Lake Garda offers endless possibilities for evening entertainment. Countless wine bars, pubs and nightclubs are open until late at night - you're spoiled for choice!

The beach is not just for sunbathing, relaxing or just for various water sports; on the warm summer evenings, many stretches of beach at Lake Garda transform into open-air places where you can eat, drink, dance, meet new people and have a fabulous time.

In many restaurants right on the lake, theme evenings, concerts, barbecues and cocktail parties are organised during the summer months. Often, it is all inclusive where the price includes entry, consumption of drinks and possibly meals. So you can spend a care-free evening in excellent company.

A typical evening at Lake Garda

A successful evening in Italy begins with an aperitif before dinner. You can meet in a bar on the beach or in the centre of the village and end the day with a delicious drink. They usually serve aperitivo with snacks such as nuts, chips or olives. In many bars, there is also the "Aperitivo Italiano" which is a delicious offering of appetisers and specialities from the region. Particularly popular aperitivi are the Pirlo or Spritz, with Prosecco, Aperol or Campari and mineral water, or the refreshing Hugo, with Prosecco, elderflower syrup, mineral water and fresh mint. The word "aperitivo" refers to both the drink, as well as the custom of small bites before dinner.

If you prefer a good glass of refreshing white wine or fine red wine, you should visit one of the many wine bars around Lake Garda, which will seduce you with a wide selection of excellent wines and an authentic atmosphere.

In multiple restaurants around Lake Garda, you can enjoy a tasty, quick dinner, based on light dishes, which is perfect if you have a night full of dancing ahead of you. Foodies should indulge in the excellent restaurants around the Lake! Delicious meat and fish dishes prepared according to all the rules of Italian cuisine, fresh vegetables, pizza, traditional dishes of the region and typical products will make your holiday at Lake Garda a pleasurable experience.

For those who don't need to be fit and well rested the next morning, you can check out one of the many bars, discos or clubs. While bars and pubs are open until 2 am, you can party in clubs and discos almost all night. The most amount of popular nightclubs are in places like Desenzano and Bardolino.

Between the full range of discos, bars and clubs and the beautiful beaches of Lake Garda, you're guaranteed to have an entertaining nightlife! In many places, they organise beach parties, shows and fireworks on the beach which you shouldn't miss!

Updated: 12/03/2024

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