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BrentonicoSKI – Skiing in La Polsa and San Valentino

Who says that during your holiday at Lake Garda you have to forego skiing in a beautiful winter landscape and perfectly groomed slopes? Very close to Lake Garda, on the Brentonico plateau on the northern slope of Monte Baldo, there’s a winter sports paradise for skiers, snowshoers, cross-country skiers and tobogganers.

The small, family-friendly ski resort BrentonicoSKI (1250-1550 m) consists of two ski resorts La Polsa and San Valentino. Here you’ll find around 24 slopes with a total of 24.18 kilometres and 9 ski lifts on an area of 788,643 m².

La Polsa opened back in the 60s and is popular with its sunny and wide slopes, especially for families and snowboarders. If you’re travelling with young children or beginners, you’ll find plenty of practice areas with modern equipment in La Polsa. For example, conveyor belts are ideal for playfully approaching skiing. The modern chairlifts also take you to some slopes for the more experienced skiers.

San Valentino opened towards the end of the 60s. Here you'll find two practice slopes with a low incline and a total of three conveyor belts. These are perfect for kids and beginners. The ski resort also has advanced slopes to offer. Although, some of them get reserved for training local ski clubs.

Double Park

In the ski resort of La Polsa, you'll find the first snow park in Trentino called Double Park. Only 45 minutes from Verona, it gets continually renovated and expanded to offer new attractions almost every year. Due to the sunny location, the high-quality artificial snow and the modern lift, the conditions are ideal for a day full of fun. The snow park gets groomed and reshaped daily by hand and with the snowcat.

Not just skiing

The ski resort on the high plateau of Brentonico has many winter sports activities to offer. In San Giacomo, there are beautiful and perfectly groomed cross-country trails with free entry. There are also toboggan runs, snowshoe hikes, ski tours and skating rinks.

You can reach the ski resort by public transport. A bus connects Prà Alpesina (accessible by cable car from Malcesine) with San Valentino in just 15 minutes.

Winter sports fans planning a holiday at Lake Garda should pay a visit to the small but beautiful ski resort on the Brentonico plateau!

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