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Fish from Lake Garda - variety and real satisfaction

Among the most popular products of Lake Garda is the fish. In the numerous restaurants and hotels on the shore as well as in the quaint inns nestled in the countryside, it has a firm place on the menu. Whether from the grill, in a salt crust or from the oven, gourmets and followers of Mediterranean cuisine will undoubtedly get their money's worth eating the local fish.

Popular with locals and guests alike, the legendary Lake Garda trout or carpione has unfortunately become very rare today due to overfishing. This species occurs exclusively in Lake Garda. Professional fishers most likely catch them, and the larger fish of around 15 kg are considered exceptionally tasty.

The fishers sell them fresh to the area's shops, hotels and restaurants, where the professional kitchen teams prepare the fish and serve with a matching glass of wine. If you get to enjoy an authentic Lake Garda trout, you can count yourself lucky. The fish belongs to the family of salmon and is considered particularly delicate with its tender white and pink flesh.

The swarms of alborella or aole is another well-known fish from Lake Garda. It's served fresh, grilled, dried, pickled or served with spaghetti. Also, Ukeley, tench, perch, pike, eels and chub live in the lake and the herring-like feint imported from Switzerland. The surrounding lakes, such as the Ledro and Lake Tenno, also have an abundant fish population. Many roach and barbel live in the river Sarca.

Fish farming plays an essential role in the Lake Garda region; Here, traditional and modern techniques are combined to breed mainly char, rainbow and brown trout.

Some Lake Garda events are dedicated to fish, such as the Festa del Pesce e dell'Olio in Malcesine in mid-June. Those who don't want to observe the fascinating creatures on their plate but in their natural habitat can get to know them in a diving course and with a bit of luck, up close.

Updated: 19/04/2024

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