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Typical products from Pozzolengo

Pozzolengo offers its guests a rich selection of products that will make any foodie salivate.

Meat is one of the main ingredients of the local cuisine. Cattle graze on the green hills surrounding Pozzolengo, which produce top-quality beef. They used to have a large livestock market called the Fiera di San Giuseppe, and its partially revived in projects such as "Fattorie dei Colli Storici" (Farms of the old hills).

You can't forget the good olives, which thrive thanks to the exceptional climate and the soil conditions and then transformed by the careful processing into first-class oils. You’ll also find delicious cheese specialities in the surrounding moraine hills and not many people know, but Pozzolengo is also one of the best saffron producers in Italy.

Finally, for the sweet toothed traveller, you’ll discover a unique feature of Pozzolengo with its widespread beekeeping industry and honey production.  Many farms offer agritourism holidays along with their homemade honey and jams.

They also have a special traditional treat in the form of a biscuit, whose recipe has been rediscovered and reinterpreted by a confectioner. Ingredients of this sweet yet simple temptation are stone ground emmer flour, organic butter, eggs, fresh milk, honey and the skin of an untreated orange.

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