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Nordic Walking around Lake Garda

Cross-country skiers and hikers had practised the efficient and gentle method of Nordic Walking for decades until a Finn further developed it. In 1997, it was first formally defined as a sport and in 1999 the term "Nordic Walking" was born and reached international renown in the same year.

The so-called health walk with specially designed poles, today offers millions of walkers worldwide an efficient and easy way to do something good for their health. There are three variants: classic Nordic Walking, Fitness Nordic Walking and Sports Nordic Walking.

The classic Nordic Walking is suitable for all, regardless of age, fitness or health condition. It is designed to improve overall health and, with proper use of the poles, provides a more comprehensive workout than traditional walking.

With Fitness Nordic Walking, the participants experience all possible advantages of this type of movement by a precise execution of the technology. You train and increase your stamina.

Sports Nordic Walking is for those who are already well trained. Here, the focus is on climbing techniques, running and jumping with the poles and a series of exercises for the main muscle groups.

Nordic Walking around Lake Garda is ideal for all ages. The diverse natural landscape offers both beginners and advanced skiers suitable tracks to train stamina and fitness. The sport is particularly relaxing in nature, in forests, on mountain slopes and plateaus, on country roads or in well-designed Nordic walking parks. The area around Lake Garda with its natural parks offers a multitude of possibilities, such as in Arco, Tremosine or Lessinia.

Additional information:

Garda Trentino
Associazione Nordic Walking Italia
Casella Postale n. 1 - Riva del Garda
Tel. +39 0464 550374

Garda Bresciano
Cult-walking Center Tremosine
Tel. +39 339 1836898

Garda Veneto
Lessinia Nordic Walking
Tel. +39 340-4678116

Updated: 12/03/2024

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