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Diving in Lake Garda

The diving area of Lake Garda boasts steep walls, caves, platforms, canyons, boat wrecks, pike swarms and ideal water temperatures. It promises divers of all levels, unforgettable experiences in the deep of 346 metres of one of the clearest lakes in Europe.

The underwater world draws with a remarkable variety of animals and plants as well as extraordinary rock formations and surprises with mysterious old treasures. Vertical cliffs allow for superb dives. Spring and autumn are the perfect seasons for a successful diving holiday at Lake Garda because, in summer, the algae bloom can partially limit the otherwise perfect view.

Porto San Nicolò in Riva del Garda, Manerba del Garda, Salò and the area opposite the Sirmione peninsula are the favourites among diving friends. Beginners and professionals will find suitable diving zones here. Beginners can explore fabulous coves at Villa Bella in Tempesta, 18 meters down, and marvel at breathtaking crevices and cliffs. The Baia Azzurra of Riva del Garda is also ideal for diving beginners, and after seeing the steep face of the cliffs of Calcarolle in Torbole, it's no wonder why all divers fall in love with it.

With a depth of 40 metres, the Porto San Nicolò dive site in Riva del Garda is suitable for divers with experience and offers an extraordinary surprise at 15 meters: You can admire the two-metre-high statue of Jesus Christ and the remains of a WWII tank. These are just a couple of the many incredible treasures resting in the depths of Lake Garda. The remains of sunken galleys in front of the harbour in Lazise and an anchored nativity scene in front of the northern promenade in Torri del Benaco are a very popular destination for divers. Those looking for a real challenge and the ultimate kick will find their own diving highpoint in the area of Cippo di confine in Navene, a district of Malcesine.

Updated: 23/04/2024

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