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Kitesurfing on Lake Garda

Bright sunshine and constant wind make Lake Garda the ideal place for kitesurfing. Although kiting on Lake Garda is not as well established as windsurfing, more and more clubs, kite schools and equipment rentals are opening around the lake.

Kitesurfing is a new sport that is becoming increasingly popular. Harnessing the power of the wind, the surfer controls the kite which pulls them across the water at breakneck speed and lets them take off again and again. With the high adrenaline level and the many opportunities for tricks and jumps, kitesurfing attracts more and more water sports enthusiasts every year.

At Lake Garda, some surfing schools, clubs and equipment rental have adjusted to the increasing demand. However, if you are an avid kitesurfer and have your own equipment, you should bear in mind that kitesurfing is not allowed everywhere on Lake Garda. In the entire province of Trentino, such as Torbole or Riva del Garda, kitesurfing is restricted to winter months or from 6pm.

When kitesurfing, always keep an eye on the weather. It can be a dangerous sport, so if in doubt, postpone the surfing to another day.

Here is a list of the best kitesurfing locations on Lake Garda. Note that some spots are not suitable for beginners!

The best spots for kitesurfing on Lake Garda:

  • Assenza di Brenzone – Malibù Beach
    Here, the typical north wind on northern Lake Garda - Pelér - provides momentum. It blows reliably from June to September. It is strongest from morning until early afternoon. High waves are also common. (Wind type: side-shore, side-on)
  • Castelletto di Brenzone
    Kitesurfing is only possible further out, so you have to be taken by boat to the right place. (Wind type: side-shore)
  • Campione sul Garda
    This is one of the best spots on Lake Garda for kitesurfing, there is everything your heart desires. From early morning until lunchtime the Pelér blows, a strong wind from the north. In the afternoon, less gusty and slightly warmer winds from the south dominate. On the pebble beach, there is also an information point, a surf school, equipment rental, a weather station, safe equipment storage, a device for minor repairs, toilets, showers, bars, shops and much more. Kitesurfing is possible from February to October. (Wind type: side-shore)
  • Capo Reamol
    The Hotel Capo Reamol near Limone, together with the kite school Wind Riders, offers an extensive service for the guests of the hotel.
  • Desenzano
    No official place for kitesurfing. Because of the numerous swimmers, visiting during the high season is not advisable. (Wind type: side-on, side-shore)
  • Lido di Lonato
    This place is only suitable for excellent kite surfers. (Wind type: side-on)
  • Malcesine
    The best spot for kitesurfing on the east shore of Lake Garda. Surfing is possible from March to October, and there are numerous facilities, such as bars, toilets, equipment rental, parking, kite parking and much more. (Wind type: side-shore)
  • Navene
    From February to October, surfers can enjoy Navene, because it's equipped with many amenities. (Wind type: side-shore)
  • Manerba – Pisenze & Manerba – Zocco
    Both are entirely unsuitable for beginners. There are no official spaces for kitesurfing, and the access is inconvenient. (wind type: side-on or side-shore and side-on)
  • Ponte Caffaro at Lake Idro
    Lake Idro is very close to Lake Garda. Everything that you need for kitesurfing is available here. (Wind type: side-on)
  • Rivoltella – Spiaggia d’Oro
    It's not an official kitesurfing spot, but there are strong winds and good waves. It should not be visited in the main or low season, because of the numerous swimmers. Not suitable for beginners! (Wind type: side-on)
  • Sirmione – Spiaggia Brema
    This beach is also not suitable for beginners and should not be visited in the main or low season. (Wind type: side-on)
  • Torbole
    Kitesurfing is allowed here only in certain periods. (Wind type: side-off)

Updated: 12/03/2024

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