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Wellness at Lake Garda

Especially in today's fast-paced world, we long for rest and time for ourselves, our body and our health. This intense need for soothing treatments, baths and massages attract more and more people to wellness resorts and thermal spas.

Particularly recommendable examples of these resorts are at Lake Garda. The climate is mild in winter, hot in autumn, spring and summer and many thermal baths have long been offering their beneficial and healing properties.

Also, in recent years, a variety of other resorts have been built around Lake Garda, offering every kind of spa treatment, beauty treatment and cure at an extraordinary level.

Many hotels have now specialised in the well-being of the guest. In addition to an extensive wellness area with a variety of applications and trained professionals, the spa hotels at Lake Garda have also adapted their kitchen to the needs of health conscious tourists. Fresh, wholesome and above all, light dishes from the region support the process of relaxation and regeneration of body and mind.

Whether you appreciate Ayurveda, undergo a traditional cure or indulge in the Thalasso method, you are in very experienced hands on a spa holiday at Lake Garda.

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