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Casa di Cura Eremo in Arco

The private hospital (Casa di Cura) Eremo in Arco is a certified facility that offers special treatments in the fields of cardiological, motor and neuromotor rehabilitation.

The location is not random. Thanks to the climatic advantages close to Lake Garda, Arco in Trentino is considered one of the healthiest places in Italy. Humidity and atmospheric pressure are largely consistent here, creating an ideal climate for all forms of treatments.

Therapies, under the supervision of psychiatrists, neurologists and health care professionals, also include orthopaedics, ear-nose-throat, urology, radiology, echography, angiology, cardiology, Doppler sonography, dermatology, pneumology, physiokinetic therapy and sports medicine treatments. If needed, logopaedic sessions are available, as well as dietetics and psychological conversations that can help the patient to accept the disease and the rules recommended for healing.

Cardiac rehabilitation is for the functional restoration of clients with ischemic, valvular or idiopathic heart disease. The treatment includes a cardiological visit as well as routine examinations, from which an individual rehabilitation programme is then created. The specially adapted therapeutics will then be telemetered by qualified personnel.

Water therapy applies to the motor and neuromotor rehabilitation of the guests with neurological and orthopaedic-traumatic conditions, especially in the post-surgical and rheumatological phases. Treatment begins one day after admission and lasts three hours daily up to three months after the necessary tests. Guests are looked after in the house and benefit from a Mediterranean diet with fresh and exclusively organic products.

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Updated: 22/04/2024

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