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The protein of long life in Limone

Lake Garda is known not only for its diverse holiday destinations with water fun and action but also for its unique qualities when it comes to healing and alleviating health issues.

For example, the town of Arco in the north of the lake is characterised by a climate that benefits people who suffer from heart and respiratory conditions. In Sirmione, for example, there is a wonderful spa landscape.

Limone sul Garda, too, has a medicinal speciality: In 1979, a doctor from Milan discovered a particular protein in the blood of the inhabitants of Limone, which he gave the name Apo-A1 Milano. It is now scientifically proven that this protein keeps veins and arteries healthy and promotes good cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

The discovery began when a Limone railroader, went for a medical check-up in Milan. When the attending physician saw the results of the blood test and the condition of the patient's veins, he could not avoid continuing with more detailed examinations. The other blood levels were also more than ok, there were no signs of occlusions, and the heart was working well. He found the same results in all family members.

It was decided to extend the study even further, and they finally discovered the positive effects of this particular protein. That Apo-A1 Milano is present in the blood of the Limonese and explained by the fact that the village was for a long time very isolated. Thanks to this protein, people can sometimes look forward to an extra-long life, and in fact, some have already reached the 100-year mark.

Updated: 22/04/2024

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