Affi - a paradise for shopping fans
The two large shopping centres in Affi offer fashion, shoes, furniture and much more!
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Holidays in Affi at Lake Garda

The large town with its approximate population of 2,400 is located a few kilometres from the southeastern shore of Lake Garda. It consists of the three districts Affi, Incaffi and Caorsa. Affi is known primarily for one thing: sheer. endless. shopping. pleasure.

The main attractions are the two famous shopping centres. The Grand Affi Shopping Center, which offers everything the heart could possibly desire. From fashion and jewellery to food and drugstore supplies to restaurants and bars. Then there is the Affi Uno shopping centre with slightly more sophisticated fashion and furniture shops as well as some nice bars and bistros.

For long and rewarding days of shopping in Affi, there are excellent transport links to and from the town, which can be reached quickly and easily on the highway from Lazise, ​​Bardolino or Garda.

Culture & Nature

Although most of Affi is known as a shopping haven, It also provides a little culture, architecture and nature for those that don't enjoy browsing the stores so much.

The village is located in the middle of the Lake Garda region, so it's surrounded by gently undulating hills with vineyards and orchards. The centre of Affi especially is characterised by many old buildings, which give the streets an exceptional charm.

Affi's main architectural attractions include the parish church of San Pietro in Vincoli, built in 1761 under the direction of Lodovito Perini, and the medieval castle of Castello Incaffi. Also worth seeing is the beautiful manor houses such as the Villa Fracastoro in the Incaffi district and the Villa Poggi with its beautifully landscaped park. Check out the view from Monte Moscal, it's magnificent in all its 400m glory!

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