Drena - north of Lake Garda
The mountainous landscape is ideal for hikers and mountain bikers.
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Holidays in Drena at Lake Garda

The tranquil little village in the province of Trentino is tucked away in the Valley of the Cavedine at almost 400m above sea level.

Drena has about 600 inhabitants and is a few kilometres away from the hustle and bustle of Lake Garda, so you always find a quiet place to relax. The idyllic forest, mountain landscape and the pleasantly mild, Mediterranean-like climate offer ideal conditions for hiking and contemplation.

The medieval centre of Drena is characterised by narrow, tall buildings and the old country road that runs through the village was once an army route of the Romans who could then avoid the rocky desert Marocche.

From a culinary point of view, Drena is first and foremost known for its delicious sweet chestnuts, also known as "Marroni di Drena", which thrive in the ancient groves around the village.

Huge mountains rise above the village, some reaching over 2,000 m.

In the distance, you can see the castle ruin, which sits enthroned on a hill. Formerly it served to protect the military and trade routes, but today it offers visitors not only a fantastic view of the Sarca Valley, but it's also used as a venue for summer festivals, medieval markets, exhibitions and concerts.

Sights in Drena

Castle of Drena

The castle ruin of Drena conspicuously overlooks the valley. Its origins date back to the Middle Ages and, was owned by the Count of Arco until it was destroyed by French troops under General Vendôme at the beginning of the 18th century.

Parts of the crenellated bastion, keep and cistern have been restored. Today, it houses a small archaeological exhibition, exhibits illustrating the life of the castle and a shop selling local produce.

Canyon of Drena

Just below the castle is a narrow valley, which served as an escape route for the inhabitants of the castle. The so-called Canyon of Drena is first accessible via a dirt road, then a steep path, which is secured again and again with wire ropes and steps. Below, visitors can safely view an 8 m high waterfall.


The remarkable sacral buildings of Drena include the parish church of San Martino and the church of San Carlo Borromeo.

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