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Climbing Stadium Arco at Lake Garda

In the middle of the Arco mountain landscape, 200 metres from the centre of the climbing and mountain bike Mecca on Lake Garda, under the wall of Monte Colodri, is the Climbing Stadium in Arco. Four large steel arches and 25 m high pillars hold the roof and the walls of this spectacular, transparent covered climbing wall.

In front of the rocks of Monte Colodri, every year in September, the Rock Master Festival is held. It is probably the most famous and spectacular climbing competition in the world, also known as the unofficial world championship in climbing. The Rock Master has been going since 1987 and the best of the best get noticed among the climbing community. The disciplines are lead climbing, bouldering and speed.

The events of the festival are held not only in the Climbing Stadium but in various places and climbing walls in and around Arco between the river Sarca and Monte Colodri. The event has everything from the latest news from the world of climbing, culinary highlights to music, fun and of course a lot of adrenaline.

In 2011, the stadium became the venue for the official World Cup. The unique structure of the Climbing Stadium was in 2000, built according to Italian design. The arches are 18 meters high and provide about 15 meters of overhang - a total of over 500 m² of climbing surface where a large part is reserved for the competitions and the rest for beginners and climbers at medium difficulty level.

The Climbing Stadium Arco is suitable for climbers of all levels. Climbing can be free or under the guidance of experienced personnel.

Opening hours:

The hall is open daily from April to September between 10 am and 10 pm.

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