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Hiking on Monte Baldo

Without a doubt, Lake Garda is an ideal destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. On many routes and trails, trekking fans and hikers can create new experiences every day.

Among the various hiking tours there is the following, highly recommended, moderately tricky tour, that leads from Malcesine to the middle station of the cable car in San Michele. We suggest attempting this hike in late spring when the last snow has finally disappeared. Otherwise, it could be troublesome at some points.

The tour follows the familiar Ventrar path. You reach the starting point by taking the cable car from Malcesine to Bocca Tratto Spino. From here, a cart path leads north downhill around the eastern wall of Mount Colma. Behind it, on the left, you'll see a sign indicating the path "Sentiero del Ventrar", which you can easily reach after a 20-minute descent.

The following section of this breathtaking tour, which is always well-marked and leads over solid terrain, consists of a series of ascending and descending stages along the cliffs and picturesque ravines to the Colma, extending to the north. Behind the cliff, the trail heads west, taking you to the scenic pastures of Prai.

From there, the route descends towards Malcesine or the alpine pastures of Kira, and continues on S. Valentino and finally to a unique archway.

It's called "Il Signor" and runs along a mule track, consisting of rock plates on the charming hill of S. Michele until it ends at the middle station of the cable car. Once at the station, you can choose between two options: Either you return by cable car to Malcesine, or you can walk the last section.

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Our tip for guided hikes on Lake Garda:

Updated: 19/04/2024

Belfiore Park Hotel  |  in Brenzone
Directly at the lake with private shore