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Three-Church-tour at Salò

Lake Garda has a lot to offer in cultural terms. Near Salò in south Lake Garda, you can combine visits to various places of pilgrimage on a wonderful hike while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

The three-church tour runs over a nine-kilometre contemplative hiking trail. It leads through the typical landscape of southern Lake Garda to the three churches of pilgrimage of Sanctuary Madonna del Rio, Santuario della Madonna di Buon Consiglio and Santuario San Bartolomeo.

The hike starts just before the town of Renzano. Here, you can park the car and reach your first destination: the village of Renzano. In the village of Renzano, path number 16 begins, which leads to the first place of pilgrimage Madonna del Rio. The wild, yellow-painted church dates from the 18th century. At that time, the Virgin Mary appeared in a nearby grotto and left her footprints in white stone. These impressions are still testimony to the miraculous event. To the left of the church, a forest path takes you to a lovely waterfall.

The second stage leads through the woods, past the villages of Milordino and Milord, to Bagnolo with the picturesque, cypress-surrounded Sanctuary of the Madonna di Buon Consiglio at 516 metres.

You reach the third and last destination via path 17b. First, it goes to the Passo della Stacca at 458 metres. Then you follow the number 17 towards Bassa Via del Garda to Gardesina and the stone Santuario San Bartolomeo at 480 metres.

Just below the church, path number 17 leads through olive groves to the Gardesana Occidentale, where it goes back to the starting point. Overall, this, not to be underestimated, circular walk with reflection factor, can be hiked in 4.5 hours.

Updated: 29/04/2024

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