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Hike through a forgotten world

Hidden and away from the hustle and bustle, hikers looking for peace can enjoy a trip from Val Torrente to Baloc Tacà via a picturesque natural landscape.

East of Lake Garda, near Assenza di Brenzone, there is a patch of earth isolated from the outside world. Hidden under thick branches, a forgotten world lies in the cold depth of a ravine formed by meltwater movements.

The Torrente Valley is home to ferns, mosses, lichens and mushrooms, as well as the gigantic rock Baloc, which is halfway up in the valley. You can reach the valley on foot from Sommavilla at Cassone in a short time.

In Sommavilla there is a car park available. Right next to it, there are steps leading up to Monte Baldo, to the entrance of the valley. A two-meter-high obstacle wall greets you when arriving in the valley.

It shouldn't be underestimated but can be overcome with the aid of climbing equipment. From here you follow the dry riverbed for about a kilometre to the impressive rock Baloc.

Attention: The hike should not be attempted on rainy days or after heavy thunderstorms!

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