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Adventure parks at Lake Garda

If you are looking for adventure, fun and excitement at Lake Garda, there are many possibilities. A very special experience is undoubtedly a visit to one of the many exciting adventure parks.

Adventure parks offer different attractions. Most of them incorporate physical activity, such as high rope climbing gardens or obstacle courses. Through adventurous exercises, children and adults can improve their skill, endurance and physical fitness.

The adventure parks at Lake Garda usually offer different levels of difficulty, tailored to different age groups, so a visit to an adventure park is a perfect trip for the whole family.

Certain adventure parks also offer specially tailored programmes for larger groups. These can be entertaining as well as instrumental in team building and reinforcing the team spirit.

If it gets particularly hot in summer, and you're looking for an exciting and sporty change to a leisurely day at the beach, a visit to an adventure park at Lake Garda is just the thing. They are often in the forest and provide a pleasant temperature in the shade of the trees so movement isn’t difficult.

In the adventure parks at Lake Garda you will find fun and excitement for the whole family. You can explore your limits, improve skills, develop a good understanding of your body and experience an unforgettable holiday adventure together!

We recommend the following adventure park at Lake Garda:

Updated: 12/03/2024

Belfiore Park Hotel  |  in Brenzone
Directly at the lake with private shore