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Ferrata Rio Sallagoni

"Rrrrt ... click ... clack ..." it echoes out of the wildly romantic gorge when the two security carabines slip along the wire rope. These are noises that make the hearts of climbing enthusiasts and adventurers beat faster.

The Rio Sallagoni via ferrata is in the village of Dro, at the foot of the castle of Drena, which was once used to control the road from Trento to Lake Garda. Leading through wild nature, cliffs and wooded paths, accompanied by the sound of the stream, this via ferrata offers a pleasant refreshment for hot days.


From Torbole or Sarche drive towards the village of Dro and follow the road to Drena. You can park your car in the designated parking lot on the way to Drena Castle. The park-like area with plenty of seating invites you to linger and picnic.

From the parking lot, a wide gravel road leads straight to the entrance of the gorge in just a few minutes. Always stay on the straight path and don't follow the mountain path, which turns left. The mark seems a bit misleading here, but the via ferrata is straight ahead. The next waymarks will guide you to your destination.

Your adventure begins over the creek bed. In the first part of the route, it’s always secured with steel cable and treadmills, and leads slightly higher and directly into the rock walls, into a slight overhang. Strength in your arms is more than helpful here. Being surrounded by the shady cliffs and refreshing cool air, certainly helps your concentration for the upcoming climbing adventure. The first section of the via ferrata ends in an open canyon, that has numerous cairns.

It continues with a three-rope bridge, which can make for a shaky affair. If you feel slightly queasy, you can also walk around the bridge.

Continue through open terrain over hill and dale, through natural crevices, peppered with small climbing facilities. It follows a steep part before you come to the next three-rope bridge. After the swinging action, you have the opportunity to finish the via ferrata and continue over a bridge to the castle Drena or, continue to follow the via ferrata. Attention: the second part of the via ferrata is not secured with a rope but only with clips!

It follows a climb through the stream bed and through some very narrow sections. In optimal conditions, this section is not particularly difficult. However, if the rocks are wet and the river has more water, be careful because of the increased slip hazard.

At the end of the via ferrata, you have the castle Drena directly at eye level. The descent begins shortly before the castle. On the left, a path leads back to the starting point, where, after crossing the main road twice, you will return to the entry of the via ferrata.


  • Children taller than 1.50 m should not have any difficulty with this climb.
  • Do not forget dry shoes and socks to change!
  • Best season: March to October

Updated: 19/04/2024

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