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Bio hotels & apartments on Lake Garda

The respect and appreciation of nature that surrounds us, and the need to protect the environment is a topic that never loses its relevance. On the contrary. By raising awareness of nature conservation and environmental protection and striving a little bit more every day, we can make a small contribution so that future generations can also get to enjoy the world in all its beauty.

The nature and bio hotels and apartments on Lake Garda are heading exactly towards this direction. Those who choose these types of hotels choose an accommodation that is fully dedicated to the preservation of Mother Nature and all her treasures. One of the objectives of a biohotel is to reduce energy consumption and to avoid waste, to use environmentally compatible materials during building construction and to place great value on local and certified organic products in the kitchen.

The conscious decision for a bio hotels and apartments on Lake Garda not only benefits nature, but also every single guest. After all, a room designed with natural materials is all the more relaxing - for the body as well as for the mind.

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Belfiore Park Hotel  |  in Brenzone
Directly at the lake with private shore